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Winning a Fortune english


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Winning a Fortune

  Almost all of us have fantasized about winning a big prize. We dream about what we would do with the money, but we don’t think what the money would do to us. As usual, after winning a fortune people try to make their lives better. They give up work, go on spending spree and at the beginning it seems fantastic. On the one hand they are right, but on the other… So let’s take some examples.

   In 1996, Daniel Johnson won  $2.5 million in The National Lottery. So he tried to make his life better. At first, he gave up work. Daniel left some money to his wife and left her. He bought himself a villa in Spain and two big Bouling centers. In Spain he fell in love with a beautiful twenty year old girl. After two months they got married. He was so happy that even couldn’t believe his happiness. He trusted her all his money, the house and everything he had at that moment. One day he came home after his fast drink and found a goodbye note on the table. The young girl left with all his money and she sold the villa. Daniel had nothing. He was penniless and alone. So he committed suicide that evening. Next day his dead body was found in the kitchen with a goodbye note in his hand.

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